26 Nov

Another great update has been made to the review list. Very happy to get so much positive feedback about whitemagicnow.online. Mdm Danielle really deserves it!!

12 May

Just made an big update to the reviews section. Some very good spell casters out there helping people like you! Be sure to check the reviews before you hire a professional for your life-changing spells!

1 Jan

I want to wish you all a great 2018! I hope it begins with you seeing all your dreams come true :) Keep believing in the magic and magic will believe in you!

1 Nov

Hope you took the chance to have a spell cast on All Hallow's eve! It's considered the most potent night of the year! If you didn't, then there are some more dates this year to take in consideration. X-mas and New year's eve are good as the world is in a positive state of mind. That helps a lot!

12 Oct

Getting closer to my favorite time of the year: Halloween! This is such a great time to have spells cast! Plean a cast and see fast changes :)

2 July

Have received high amount of positive praise about www.instantspells.net lately. I am happy that my reviews are helpful and that so many find happiness thanks to them! Keep sending me your thought and experiences so I know that the spell casters are keeping a high level of service!

26 April

In some days Beltane is once again. This is maybe the single best day to have a spell cast on. Prepare yourself for something great to happen!

22 Feb

Ever heard of the voodoo spell that brings back the dead? Animating is actually helping a demon or spirit entity to connect to the flesh of a corpse. It might sound scary but rest assure, it's very difficult to do, even for the best voodoo practitioner.

20 Jan

Have a spell cast on Valentine's day to make sure to finally sort out all your love porblems! This is a special day for all who cast love spells, as it is easy to empower the spell with the positive energies we humans create when wmany think about love.

26 Dec

The year is ending and it's time to look forward to the future! 2017 will be better than 2016 and you can make that happen by using a trusted spell caster. Find happiness and share it with the ones you love in 2017!

14 Nov

Supermoon today! THe moon has not been this close to Earth for 68 year and will take some decades for it to be this close again. Put out your crystals and spell related materials and charge them with moon power!

31 Oct

Today you should have your spells cast by a professional spell caster! On Halloween the veil between the living and the dead is as thinnest during the year and the energies from the spirit realm can be the difference between failed or successful spells!

13 Aug

A real WOW-day is coming and you don't want to miss out on it! Trust me, August 18th will be amazing for rituals and spell casts. Be sure to have your spell caster cast your love or money spell on this day (of Aquarius) as the huge energy shifts we will experience will surely be something to remember!

19 July

I am looking forward to the end of July. It's an important time for many and this year I've heard that the spells cast will be even more powerful than the last 10 years have been. Make sure you do not hesitate and instead get your spell performed by a professional spell caster!

18 May

So, you might have read about it and I can confirm that it's true. We will be the closest to Mars we have been in a decade. This means expert spell casters can draw energies from this celestial body and transfer it into your spell! May 30th is the day you should have your spell cast for maximum power! Next chance is in another 10 years...

2 April

Last week I've got some lovely emails from happy clients of http://www.authenticlovespells.org and it makes me happy to know people have a the same view of the spell casters I've given top remarks. Keep believing and do not be afraid of love! :)

28 February

Already had good feedback from people who bought special Valentine's casts. Love is truly in the air! Don't miss the big moment of the year, April 30th! It's a point during the year when most spell casters cast their most powerful spells.

21 January

Valentine's day is coming up and I know spell casters around the world is preparing to help everyone with a broken heart! Casting a love spell on Valentine's day is great asthe collected human consciousness are focused on love this day!

24 December

Merry X-mas and a happy new year! I wish 2016 will bring you lots of joy and that we all get to experience new exciting things. :)

20 November

Thanksgiving is approaching and it's time to do something nice to someone who is close to you. Why not get a money spell and make sure that person's 2015 is financially secure!?

8 October

Getting close to another Halloween and the best time to have a spell cast! I will post any special casts I can find and hopefully you can have your dreams come true this Halloween!

4 August

I have added a new review and it's a very interesting site about santeria magic. I feel it's a site you should use when white magic isn't powerful enough to help you solve that difficult situation you need help with!

22 May

I have been reading about the importance of a clean aura to make sure the energies of the spell can connect with you. Be sure you clean your aura before you have a spell cast! (after is also ok but you will lose some time before you see the desired results).

9 March

Long overdue update with new review. I am happy to say that I found a good one that I am happy to present in the review section. Hope it brings you much joy :)

3 February

I have added 2 more reviews. One good and one medioker. I hope that this year I will be able to help you find the diamonds in the rough!

31 December

Happy New Year! Let's hope 2014 will bring much joy :)

30 October

Happy Halloween! I added a new poll so vote! Have a nice one :)

28 Aug

I decided to add the spell caster who helped me 3 years ago to the list of reviewed sites.

6 June

2 more sites been reviewed. If you have a request please email me.

15 April

Added one site that is OK. It's a easy site with a lot of services amongst it Tarot card readings. Cold site and too automatic. Feels like a superstore on the internet. Where is the passion and commitment?

23 Jan

I put a poll on the site to see what people here think or do. The results can be seen there and old results of old questions can also be seen.

1 Dec

Been up and running for a while now and at the moment I have reviewed 10 sites. There are many to go. It is my pleasure making it easier for you to find the good spellcasters online.

8 Sep

Updated the appearance of the site to look nicer and easier to navigate.

18 July

Site is open has started with reviewing 6 sites. One is the site and spellcaster I used and can personally recommend.

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